2021 – A new era in HR Technology

Nobody predicted the challenges we would all face in 2020 and it has led a lot of organisations to rethink their focus on technology. Historically HR Technology was low on the agenda for a lot of companies however with the need for HR to be more agile and adapt to the changes of the new world we face, wouldn’t it just be easier if the technology we had in place adapted to everything life throws at us?

Your HR system is going to be with you for 5, 10 years and during that time your business is going to change, HR is going to change and IT is definitely going to change so how do you plan for that and how do you build that into your chosen platform.

“All Businesses should be able to have the same functionality that big multinational companies have with the autonomy to grow into that functionality when they need to”

Rob Patrick, Managing Director EPI-USE UK

Often when companies are looking for new HR Technology they are specifically looking to solve one particular problem however we need to take a view of the entire system, not just the system you need today but the system you would need when you are a large multinational. Creating a solid foundation and building the integrity into your data model is key and you cannot do that with a system that is designed to solve one particular problem.

There are two drivers to the cost of HR software; licence fees and the second is the consultancy fees, this is regardless of your chosen provider. In our case, we are an SAP SuccessFactors Gold Partner that has been implementing and supporting SAP Technology for over 30 years around the world.

The way that we at EPI-USE have tried to tackle the cost of consultancy fees is by reducing the number of choices that are available during the initial implementation. We have taken what we have seen for 90% of the organisations we have worked with and offered it as a pre-configured package. It will give you 90% of the functionality you require out of the box which will ultimately reduce the consulting time required and enable you to have a Tier 1 Cloud SaaS solution at an affordable price.

Another way that we have tried to tackle the upfront costs is by re-imagining how we implement the settings that are unique to your organisation.  For example, when it comes to creating organisational charts, you know what your business looks like you just don’t know how to put it into a system. We have created step by step wizards that you populate in a user-friendly way and in the background, we have automated the configuration of the system. Data migration is also re-imagined with the help of our Data Migration Assistant to provide on screen validation of the data that is required and ease the process of setting up your new system. With these innovations the consulting effort required is seriously reduced which in turn means we have been able to reduce the consulting cost.

We believe we have some compelling solutions for you, and we would like to show you how you could easily switch to a Tier 1 Cloud Solution for one monthly fee and no upfront costs.

More information, including a click through demo can be found here: https://people.epiuse.co.uk/

One thought on “2021 – A new era in HR Technology

  1. Good post. I am so glad to hear that there are companies like EPI-USE that offer pre-configured software packages. Since the trends are changing in the HR market, we at https://hrapp.in/ also try to implement salient features suitable for any business.


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