Coronavirus: Utilising SuccessFactors to enable the new business as usual

social distancing at work

As we near the end of our 6th week of lockdown within the UK, we are all adapting to the new ‘business as usual’. More enthesis than ever before is focused on the wellbeing of individuals and being able to identify those that need assistance whilst ensuring employees have the tools they need to meet the business goals.

At the end of all of this, we will remember the businesses that went out of their way to support their employees and the local community, providing reassurance and support in a time where we all needed to work together

Where organisations are adopting different operating procedures to cope with this outbreak, SuccessFactors provides a flexible approach to ease the impact of Coronavirus by ensuring you can identify those who are impacted, ensure payroll is updated for individuals who have been furloughed, are working reduced hours or those who are off sick and self-isolating at home.

Within our pre-built solutions “EPI-USE People Solutions” we have already enabled this functionality for our customers.

Example: Including Coronavirus as Sickness reasons: 

coronavirus sickness options

Example: Including Furlough Actions:

furlough event

Prior to Coronavirus, you might have been delaying the mobile launch within your organisation however now more than ever, we need to be able to push data and updates to employees. It isn’t too late to roll this out. With a simple tick of a button, you can enable this functionality and be assured that with the built-in application security settings it meets the highest standards. More information can be found here.

Example: SuccessFactors Mobile Application:

mobile app

We are unlikely to ever go back to how the way of work was prior to this pandemic, this is our new normal and we need to try and embrace it, taking the positives from a time that forced us all to come together and pause and reflect on what is really important. For most, the biggest realisation will be work-life balance and providing the tools and resources to work from anywhere, anytime, any device.

If you need guidance on adapting your solution to meet the needs of your organisation going forward, please reach out and one of our consultants can assist you.

Alternatively, if you are looking to change your HR Solution and move to SuccessFactors, our pre-built solutions could be the perfect fit for you. To find out more visit

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Lindy Gravener

Solutions Consultant, EPI-USE UK

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