Build the Foundations for your Growth Platform

SAP’s SuccessFactors HCM Suite can help you simplify HR, motivate your people and drive business results. The solutions are made for streamlining and standardising processes, and keeping employees motivated and engaged. Some of the key solutions in building an agile workforce include:

Employee Central – a global system of record with a consumer-like, intuitive user interface that captures key workforce data and uses it to create tangible and measurable business results. With this solution, you get:

  • A single view into all workforce data across geographies, cost centers, and employee types
  • Intuitive tools to form groups, network, and share knowledge around common goals, interests, projects, work experience, locations, and much more
  • Support for any combination of business units, geographies, cost centers, and job structures without code, spreadsheets, or offline processes
  • Support for any pay structure so you can vary pay by geography, job class, grade, or legal entities
  • A radically simple user experience that reduces self-service errors and boosts adoption
  • Support for global benefits so you manage monetary and nonmonetary benefits for your global operation
  • Strong auditing capabilities to meet regulatory requirements
  • Simple reporting tools, 2,000+ built-in metrics, benchmarks for any company, and support for trending and drill-down analyses

Performance & Goals – a powerful performance management solution that helps you align employee activities with organisational strategy and monitor performance. The solution helps:

  • Employees check in with their managers to receive regular feedback on how effectively they are performing in their jobs and get guidance on how to improve
  • Managers create a more accurate, clear, and engaging review process with an easy-to-use, next-generation interface that promotes faster user adoption, increased engagement and review completion rates, and better quality reviews
  • Companies align goals and performance with compensation to instil an objective meritocracy that rewards high performers and helps develop others

Succession & Development – helps HR professionals identify and develop the talent needed to improve organisational strength and achieve today’s business goals, while providing visibility and planning for future growth. The solution helps:

  • Identify employee competency and skill levels and objectively assess employees’ potential
  • Optimise organisational alignment and ensure leadership continuity by using skills and competency libraries to align your workforce with critical business needs
  • Uncover workforce insights and provide talent visibility for HR, managers, and executives with an interactive succession organisation chart
  • Engage and motivate employees by allowing them to explore career paths, connect with others in desired roles, and identify and address gaps in preparation for future roles
  • Enable strategic succession management by using workforce planning insights to analyse talent supply and demand

All three of these key HR solutions, plus Employee Central Payroll, are available as pre-configured solutions from EPI-USE. The benefits of choosing pre-configured solutions include:

  • They deliver HR processes that are built on good HR practice, which in turn improves HR service delivery and HR capability within a company
  • They provide a known outcome for an implementation project as the processes and data is available before the project starts
  • Employee knowledge and education of the solution is enhanced through the structured implementation and supporting assets
  • Build a foundation from which you can enhance the system using your own employees as and when you need too

If you’re interested in giving your business the strong foundation needed to support business growth please get in touch.

Even in a digital economy, success is simply human.

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