Implementing SAP SuccessFactors Compensation – JBS

By Steve Morgan – Business Development Manager.

Earlier this year I had the pleasure to attend the SAP Insider Conference, or HR2016 as it’s also known by. Located close to the 4 mile strip in Las Vegas and well known for its clubs, bars, casinos, fine art galleries and restaurants. Like all attendees, I was there to discover the latest innovations in the HR technologies space and meet some great people.

Aside from the sales people you’d normally expect to see at these events, there were a number of HR business leaders keen to share their experiences of implementing the latest technology. Many business leaders also attended to learn about the latest HR technologies on offer, for example Joe Carnival.

Joe works for JBS, a global food manufacturing company and the largest meat processing company in the world. Joe kindly took some time out from his busy schedule to discuss his experience on how JBS went about implementing the SAP SuccessFactors compensation solution. Here are some highlights:

Steve: “How many employees do you have in the territories you operate from?”

Joe: “70,000 employees

Steve: “When you spoke to us about your experience, you received a lot of interest from everyone in the room, especially when you mentioned how easy the transition had been.”

Joe: “Like many of the other people in the conference, JBS’ compensation program worked largely off spreadsheets. It was a very manual process that involved lots of complex spreadsheets with lots of rows and formulas that we would pass around and email out to different business leaders. They would edit the information and send it back to the HR departments who would then have to piece all that together…

Does that sound familiar to you? I am amazed that in this day and age a lot of processes are still very manual and excel is still the business tool used. Anyway, Joe continues sharing his journey…

Joe: “It was a very inefficient process and caused a lot of problems, so we were looking for a system that would help us streamline that process, let us have better integrity of data, not emailing it around and get away from all of the spreadsheets. We have been using SuccessFactors performance for several years up to that point, so started implementing compensation to address some of those needs we had.”

Steve: “When you implemented it, you were expecting it to be difficult and yet you were surprised how easy it was.”

Joe: “We wanted to stick with our existing processes on how we calculate bonuses and merits and use our performance data to drive some of those decisions. I was surprised when I was speaking to SuccessFactors in that at no point did they say ‘it’s too complex or that won’t work in the system.

I kept joking internally with our guys that at some point someone will turn round and tell me we will have to change this or will have to change that!

The system was really able to do everything we needed it to do and move away from very big spreadsheets.

The system actually worked in the end. We did our annual bonus program for the first time in January and February using the compensation module and it worked as expected.”

It was great to hear that JBS successfully went live with their implementation and I’m sure some of the pain points resonate with you! The SuccessFactors compensation module enabled JBS to successfully streamline and simplify their compensation process and move away from manually updating complex spreadsheets. The module was also integrated with SuccessFactors performance and goals, utilising performance data to further inform compensation decisions, without interfering with existing calculation processes.

If you want to hear the full 10 minute interview between Joe and myself click the soundbite below.

Feel free to leave a comment below or contact me here and I’ll get back in touch – thanks for reading!

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