Clearing the Cloud from SAP HANA Cloud – What do tech guys need to know?

By Ritin Jain – SAP Technical Consultant.

SAP HANA Cloud is one of the most talked about offerings from SAP. So, what do you need to know?

There are many ‘buzz words’ that technical guys, especially those who are still learning about these technologies, have been hearing.

For example, HANA Cloud Platform, HANA Cloud Portal, Portal Service on HCP, Fiori on Cloud, SAP Web IDE and HCP extension for SuccessFactors.

Indeed, there are many questions:

  • What do these buzz words really mean?
  • How are these technologies tied together?
  • How can I learn and adapt to these new skills?
  • Can I try before I buy?

First let’s understand what these buzz words are:

  1. HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) – A platform as a service “PaaS” in the Cloud. HCP is an innovation platform used to build new applications based on SAP’s in-memory technology. As a platform it provides everything you need to build enterprise apps in the cloud. Features include an in-memory database, development environment, runtime environment, built-in capabilities for integration, analytics, security, collaboration, storage, mobile and many more.


2. SAP Fiori – A new user experience (UX) for SAP applications. Initially SAP built on-premise standard apps based on SAPUI5 technology for HR, finance, manufacturing etc. The Fiori app has the inherent quality of running within any user device such as laptops, smartphones and tablets.

3. SAP HANA Cloud Portal – This is now known as Portal Service on HANA Cloud Platform. SAP has come up with the concept of site, similar to a micro-website which you can configure to show a single app, a page or a widget. The site explorer looks like a Fiori launch pad with tiles, each tile representing site.

4. Fiori Cloud edition – This offering has enabled Fiori apps on HCP. The Fiori launchpad is offered as a site on top of the HANA cloud portal. A standard or custom Fiori app can be deployed on this launchpad. SAP has also provided a dedicated Fiori demo cloud addition. Get your own demo cloud edition account (free for 90 days) – sign up here.


5. SAP Web IDE – A powerful cloud based integrated development tool for all the Fiori and SAPUI5 apps. It allows users to rapidly design, build and deploy the enterprise grade apps. You can access SAP Web IDE from the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, free of charge!

6. SuccessFactors extensions –A HANA Cloud Platform extension package for SuccessFactors. This allows the customer to rapidly extend the cloud or on-premise solution, making it easier to integrate custom solutions or SAP certified third party applications.


How are these technologies tied together?

The following diagram shows that HCP is at the centre of the on-premise and cloud solutions. This is the way forward for on-premise – cloud, or cloud – cloud communication. The HCP enables the extension of cloud / on-premise solutions.


There are 3 different possible scenarios with HCP:

  • Develop and deploy the new solution in the cloud.
  • Extend the on-premise solution to enable the cloud.
  • Extend the cloud solution, either to include on-premise capabilities or to extend the cloud solution functionalities.


  • Connect any SAP or non-SAP applications.
  • Integrate inter or intra-company processes.
  • Secure integration with on-premise using SAP HANA Cloud Connector.
  • Pre-packaged integration flows readily available.

How can I learn and adapt to these new skills?

The most popular solutions are based on Java, HTML5 and XSJS. If you already know any of these, you can adapt and learn very quickly.

If you are an ABAPer, then you can build on-premise extensions based on OData services with minimal effort on the UI front. This is possible using the SAP Web IDE and built in templates available to quickly produce the enterprise grade apps.

There are many online resources to learn and quickly build HCP based apps:


You can join openSAP to attend online free courses. Courses include an introduction to HANA Cloud Platform and other more advanced classes on cloud products. Check out the latest course: Build your own SAP Fiori application in the cloud!     

The SAP HANA academy offers you a collection of free, online video tutorials to help you learn, develop and innovate with SAP HANA.


Can I try before I buy?

Get a free developer account to try HCP. Learn here.

Thanks for reading! If you’d like to learn more about SAP HANA Cloud feel free to post a comment below or drop EPI-USE an email.

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