Mobilizing Your On-Premise SAP Solutions For Remote Working & Employee Productivity (Part 2)

By Garth Liebenberg – ERP Technical Services Consultant.

In the second of 2 blogs (click here for part 1), Garth Liebenberg discusses the standard options within SAP to quickly and easily mobilize your on-premise SAP solutions. A good mobile strategy enables employees to work anywhere, at any time, improving employee productivity and performance. How can you meet the demands of mobile working in a quick, secure and cost effective way?

SAP Fiori Cloud Edition:

SAP Fiori is traditionally hosted in the on-Premise SAP Gateway, but some clients would prefer to host the application in the cloud or not have a SAP Gateway setup at all. To meet these demands SAP has now released a cloud version of SAP Fiori, and there are future plans to include a HCI OData Provisioning service to remove the requirement of an on-premise SAP Gateway.

HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Services:

HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Services (HCPms) covers more advanced scenarios and addresses all limitations of the simple SAP Gateway only setup. With HCPms it is possible to create a custom SAP Fiori Client with company branding and selected HCPms plug-ins added. Hybrid applications are also possible to wrap bespoke developments as individual applications.


As part of the HCPms offerings there is:

SAP Mobile Secure. This is the Mobile-Data-Management component used by HCPms (basically a cloud version of Afaria). Here access to applications can be limited and management of the employee’s device is possible. This ensures security of business data and assists in the full lifecycle management of applications.

SAP Mobile Place. This is the SAP app store where employees have access to applications as defined for them in SAP Secure. This allows employees to access private company applications as well as any public application that can be found on the relevant platform app stores (iOS, Android or Microsoft).

SAP Cloud Solutions:

Most SAP Cloud Solutions already have their own Mobile solutions or applications, examples include Cloud for Customer and SAP S4/HANA and SuccessFactors. It is possible to extend these solutions with bespoke mobile applications build in HCP (making use of HCPms if needed), and then either expose these in the specific Cloud Solution or as standalone mobile applications. SAP’s UX strategy is the Fiori UX, many of the Launchpads/Portals for the cloud solutions make use of a Fiori Launchpad already and others are busy being converted. In future it will be possible to expose several Cloud Solution applications within the chosen Fiori Launchpad of your choice. As an example, your employees logon to the S4/HANA Launchpad, and can view and access SuccessFactors and on-Premise Fiori applications directly in this single Launchpad. This allows for great reuse and accessibility of any mobile applications that are used or developed in your organization.


Making use of SAP Fiori is a quick win approach to mobilise on premise solutions, which can lead to greater employee productivity and facilitate mobile working. This can be done at little to no cost in terms of hardware and licenses. For more advanced scenarios and greater control over mobile devices the HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Services (or the on-premise version SAP Mobile Platform) can be used but at an additional cost as an additional platform/service is being used. A cloud version of Fiori is now also available (with small additional costs as cloud services are being used).

If you have any questions or would like to know more, just leave a reply below or use the form to contact us.

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