Enabling Multiple Raters in a PMv12 Acc Performance Form with SAP SuccessFactors (Part 2)

By Shane Williams – Talent Management Consultant.

Let’s take a look at another setting that is possible to configure that gives a slightly different solution to this problem. In this setup, everyone has their own rating box and they will see their own box next to the employee’s self assessment. The final score can be granted to any user via permissions.

As per the previous setting we looked at, the employee has the ability to self rate as soon as the form is launched, as this field is not able to be controlled by permissions. Once the form is forwarded to the manager, we get this view:


The manager has their own rating box (which is not the rating of record), and is known as the ‘Employee’s Rating’. This can be left blank or used if desired. For this example we will use it to show the comparison.

In the next stage of the process, we can see that the employee is able to edit their rating, and view the rating made by the manager in the previous step:


Once the employee has entered their ratings as before, the form is advanced to the two managers. Whereas before, the managers had to share a rating, now the matrix manager would have their own rating field using the ‘Employee’s Rating’ that we discussed previously:


They are also able to view the manager’s rating, which is the rating of record. The manager is able to view both employee’s and matrix manager’s ratings and comments as per the view below:


Then once the form has been advanced, the ratings and comments by all permissioned roles remains on the form:


Unfortunately, the ‘Employee’s Rating’ field for the manager cannot be removed, which leaves a somewhat untidy view.

In summary, the main drawbacks of using this configuration are that firstly, there is no control over the employee’s rating field, so they can rate themselves on objectives/competencies as soon as the form is launched. This has a knock on effect whereby there is an extra rating field for the manager which is unnecessary and unfortunately cannot be removed.


We can see from our two alternative form setups that neither are able to bring the clean, fully configurable configuration to objective/competency ratings that is offered by the side-by-side recommended rating between an employee and their manager by SuccessFactors. Which solution you would choose to implement for your business depends on what your business aims are. If you wish to have the option of a second opinion for the rating of objectives/competencies, but not necessarily a record of that rating kept on the form, then Solution 1 is the best option for you. If you feel that a second rating is a must and should be kept on the form, then Solution 2 is your only option; but be aware that the manager’s “Employee’s Rating” cannot be removed.

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