Enabling Multiple Raters in a PMv12 Acc Performance Form with SAP SuccessFactors (Part 1)

By Shane Williams – Talent Management Consultant.

A client of mine was implementing SuccessFactors Performance Management v12 Accelerated Solution and wanted to change the design of their Performance Form to include an additional rater during the manager’s assessment of their employee. If you are a HR Business Manager working with SuccessFactors, you may also have wondered how SuccessFactors can be set up to utilise this.

Unfortunately, this turned out to be not as simple as the client had hoped due to the current setup of the v12 Accelerated Solution, and we were not able to give them a complete solution; but we were able to present viable alternatives.

This blog details the problem further and explains the current ways you can set up a Performance Form in the v12 Accelerated Solution to include an additional rater outside of the employee/manager.

Common Setup:

The recommended way to setup a Performance Form is to use what SuccessFactors calls “side-by-side rating”; where the manager’s rating is the rating of record. Only the manager can edit this rating, and only the employee can edit their rating.  This results in a Performance form which looks something like this:


However, with this setup an additional rater cannot be added to the Performance Form, so if you wish to include the ratings from another source i.e. a second manager, then we have to redesign the form from the recommended configuration.

Solution 1:

There are two alternative ways we can set up the rating of record. The first is whereby the employee has a rating in which only they can access; and the rating of record can be accessed by anyone, but is normally permissioned so that only the manager has access.

The first difference of note with this setup is that the employee is able to self-rate as soon as the form has been launched, whereas before they were only able to self-rate at a later stage in the route map:


This is because this new field that the employee uses to rate themselves cannot be controlled through permissions. However, with permissions we can restrict the employee from being able to edit the rating of record.

Later on in the route map, the new rater (in this example, the matrix manager) will receive the form via a Collaborative step and their view is this:


We can see here that the second rater shares the rating of record with the manager, but can enter his or her own comments on the objective. The manager’s rating becomes the rating of record once advanced, and the form will subsequently look like this to all viewers:


We can see comments from everyone who participated in the form, but there is no record of the matrix manager’s rating as the manager has overwritten it.

In summary, the main drawbacks of using this configuration are that firstly, there is no control over the employee’s rating field, so they can rate themselves on objectives/competencies as soon as the form is launched. Secondly, there is only one rating of record present on the form, as the rating from a secondary source such as a matrix manager cannot be kept on the form.

More solutions to enable multiple raters to follow in part 2. What are your thoughts? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment or send us a message.

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