Lessons learnt for Agile Development Business Transformation (Part 3)

By Gustav Coleske – Mendix Consultant & Lead Scrum Master.

My first and second blogs explained the differences between the traditional waterfall approach and agile rapid application development. Now I’ll touch on the final considerations.

Security and Integration:

The speed of delivery when using a RAD tool like Mendix is often grossly underestimated.  This proved to be particularly true when building applications that integrate with other systems.  If a product integrates with an ERP or HCM system for example, it is essential that the integration points are setup, connections of the system through firewalls and middleware connections and web services are setup and running early in the project Due to the speed of development there is a potential danger of being held up while they are being set up. In a waterfall approach which may take longer overall, security and integration can be addressed later, which is not the case with agile.

Getting input from key people can be challenging especially taking into account their busy day jobs.  Buy-in from the relevant parties around timelines and focus on the speed of delivery in these timelines before the project commences is critical.



The reaction during implementation is typically positive and users from the traditional method of using the waterfall approach are usually very satisfied.

Users tend to see a working product within the first few days, which in most cases is not something they have come across before.

Typical comments are generally:

“Do you have a number of developers working on this in the background?” or

“Is this really a working system or is it smoke and mirrors?” or

“Have you developed this before the project started?”.

We are all passionate about providing our customers with a good experience and using Agile and Rapid Application Development platforms is quite good at giving clients a good experience and getting positive feedback.


How about you? If you’ve tried agile development let us know your thoughts. Or if you’ve only experienced waterfall how come? Just leave a comment below.

If you would like to discuss the projects undertaken by our clients please get in touch. Alternatively, download our free e-book on how digital applications can drive business performance. 

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