The new SAP SuccessFactors People Profile – Enhancing your Employee Experience (Part 2)

By Hardus Ferreira – Head of Talent Management.

Part one of this blog analysed the new release of People Profile from SAP SuccessFactors. In this section, I ask whether you should upgrade, and explain the benefits and downsides of doing so.

Aspects to consider when upgrading:

The aspects to consider when upgrading depends on the current version you are running.

The original version of the Employee Profile (a.k.a. “Ultra” or “v11”) will no longer be available after the

Q4, 2015 release. You must upgrade to either the new People Profile or to previous v12 Profile prior to the time of the release, or your instance will be upgraded automatically.

The version which will be enabled at the time of the Q4 2015 release will depend on the permission model you are using.

  • If you are using role-based permissions and the v11 UI, you will be automatically upgraded to the new People Profile.
  • If you are using the legacy permission model and the v11 UI, you will be automatically upgraded to the v12 Profile, with the “public profile” feature enabled.

The upgrade could be done either via the Upgrade Centre or Provisioning. It’s important to note that if you elect to upgrade via the Upgrade Centre your existing Employee Profile setup is retained (i.e. converted into the new UI design) whereas if you follow the other route your current design will be discarded. It’s therefore an obvious choice for customers to choose the Upgrade Centre route and use the current design as baseline.

What to expect when you upgrade:

You will find that some of the features and functions included in earlier versions of the Employee Profile have been removed once you upgrade to the new People Profile as they are no longer supported in the design. These are outlined in the table below:

 Upgrade from Version To Version  Feature / Function not supported
V11 Profile People Profile Configure Employee Files tool is replaced by a new admin tool

Live Profile Photo & Information portlets have been replaced and the photo and photo card information are now displayed in the profile header

Externally hosted Profile Photos

Contact Information portlet

Experience Snapshot portlet

Organisational Profile portlet

Tags field in user info portlets

V12 Profile People Profile Configure Employee Files tool is replaced by a new admin tool

Public Profile Page have been replaced by the profile header

Ability to choose “Expressive” vs. “Standard” layout; some of the expressive features are now included as standard in People Profile

For those of us that do not revel at the idea of change, fortunately for you there’s a lot of the Employee Profile features and functions that remain unchanged by the upgrade. They are outlined in the table below:

Feature Details
Employee data and data model All existing data and data model definitions are retained. No changes to your data model are required.
User and background elements The same user elements and background elements are supported than with the v12 Profile. Only the visual display has changed.
Navigation Navigation to the Profile remains unchanged.
Data import and export tools There’s no change to the employee data import and export tools.
Employee data permissions There’s no change to the existing role-based permissions for employee data.
Reporting There’s no change to the Employee Profile reports.
User Directory There’s no change to the User Directory.
Manage Custom Badges There’s no change to the Manage Custom Badges admin tool.
Manage Background Image Library There’s no change to the Manage Background Image Library admin tool.

What are the functional limitations?

Although all the major functionality available in the v12 Profile is supported in the new People Profile, compared to earlier versions of Employee Profile and Employee Central, it does contain the following functional gaps:

  • Goals and Development block currently do not support field level permissions defined within the form XML.
  • Development block displays all development goals of an employee; you cannot specify which should be displayed on the profile as was possible before.
  • Succession and Nomination blocks do not display ranking and readiness colours, and you cannot nominate or view Talent Pool nominations.
  • No text replacements are supported and some standard labels cannot be replaced via 3-tier language packs.
  • New Hire/ Rehire/ Internal Hire– Offer to Onboardee to Employee Conversion
  • Concurrent Jobs Pension Payout
  • Global Assignments
  • Side by Side Alternate Cost Centre
  • Income Tax Declarations
  • Benefits (Insurance, Wallets, Other Benefits, Deductible Allowances)
  • Internal Job History (as displayed in v12 portlet)


The new People Profile is the real deal. It offers organisations a fresh and cutting edge user experience that is hard to ignore. All that’s left to do is to embrace the change and enjoy it! – head over to our website to watch an exclusive demo.

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