The new SAP SuccessFactors People Profile – Enhancing your Employee Experience (Part 1)

By Hardus Ferreira – Head of Talent Management.

If you dream of offering your employees an improved user experience then read on. If you’re new to The People Profile or you’re looking to upgrade and are interested in the implications, then read on.

What’s in it for me?

We are living in an age where we as consumers of information demand more. We expect to be greeted by the same user experience offered by social media within the workplace, and so we should.

If offering a consumer-grade user experience to your user population is something dear to your heart and you want to stay abreast of the latest look and feel offered by SuccessFactors, upgrading to the new People Profile is definitely worth considering.

It won’t make you coffee in the morning, but it will surely give you a fresh look on some of the Employee Profile screens you loved to hate over the past few years.

The People Profile is a new user interface for Employee Profile and Employee Central, featuring a modern user experience that enables you to view the entire employee profile on one simple unified page, making it more readable and easy to consume. In other words, fewer clicks to access the information you’re after.

All of the profile information and functionality that was previously displayed on multiple pages or tabs in earlier versions are now consolidated on a single page. It also showcases a navigation bar at the top to ease navigation and minimise scrolling.

What’s On Offer?

The new People Profile offers the same information and functionality that was available in the v12 Employee Profile but with a new appealing visual design. The profile information can be cleverly organised into custom defined sections and subsections, with related information grouped together into blocks. You can finally wave your goodbyes to those ‘old style’ portlets, as the information is directly rendered on the screen.

The consolidated approach also introduces a new Profile Header, in favour of the stand-alone Public Profile page. All the information previously shown on the v12 profile page is now neatly integrated within the People Profile Header. The header is fully configurable and permission controlled, and offers more design flexibility than its predecessor.

Here is an example of what you can expect:


The People Profile also provides a new user experience for Employee Central, where users can add and edit an employee’s personal, employment, and organisational information, or view the effective-dated change history. People Profile supports all major functionality from Employee Central with some limitations.

The new UI also features a new editing dialog window when updating information. This is purely an update to the visual design while the editing function remains the same.

Permissioned users are now also able to add & edit Development Goals or attach and remove associated learning activities from SuccessFactors Learning via the People Profile, eliminating the need to navigate away from the current page.


For the first time ever, people are outnumbered on Earth by mobile devices. With an ever increasing number of mobile users’ worldwide accessing and consuming business solutions, it’s imperative that the UI design is dynamic and agile.

People Profile uses a responsive design that automatically adjusts the screen layout for optimal viewing on desktops, tablets or smartphones. It even adjusts to fit your browser window when resized on a desktop.

For the Super users out there I can only but offer good news; from a configuration perspective things can’t be simpler. A convenient drag-and-drop configuration tool is now made available to Administrators to set up the People Profile and manage its content and layout. Due to its flexible configuration, the People Profile can be designed to meet your organisation’s exact requirements.


In the next section of this blog, I talk about upgrading to the new People Profile. This includes the benefits and downsides of doing so and what you can expect from an upgrade. Alternatively, see the new SAP SuccessFactors People Profile Demo.

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